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Dark-blue Leaf-print Summer Dress

Batik print summer dress in deep blue clouds. Smocked, Halter-neck with a decorative tie at the front, classic 50's inspired design. Beautiful shape from a distance, beautiful patterns up-close.
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Blue sundress with a comfortable, smocked, halter-neck with a decorative drawstring tie at the front. A gently flared, gathered skirt with a tiered hemline. It’s a modern summer dress cut- but you can pair this dress with an underskirt/petticoat to create volume and that classic 50’s shape. This popular 'classic' cut is stylish and flattering, so you can relax, feel comfortable, confident, and look good!


This dress appears to be a solid dark blue, but up-close you will see subtle shades batik-printed on the viscose-rayon fabric.


Cool in the Summer, perfect for the park, this cool airy dress could be your favourite summer outfit!