Specialists in Botanical/Ecoprint fashion

Anda tidak memiliki barang di keranjang belanja Anda.

About Us

Komang Darmiani is a small family business, we are two sisters Wayan & Komang. Wayan lives in Bali, Indonesia, and Komang based near Basel in Switzerland. Following family tradition we have both been sewing, dressmaking, and crocheting since childhood.

We have years of experience in the industry, from production, to couture high-fashion shows.

What we do


We specialise in the blend of classic European fashion with traditional Balinese aesthetics. We make Children’s fashion and ladies fashion in Balinese batik prints, handmade crochet, patchwork, summer dresses, child's party dresses, crochet bikinis and more.


Why not try your hand at making these products yourself? We're making patterns for all our products and will publish them alongside the products themselves.

Included with our patterns are comprehensive instructions explaining exactly how to make these products


You have a pattern?

We have a range of Balinese hand-made batik-print fabrics to give your project that traditional Indonesian flavour!


We hand-make our crochet products to the highest standard.

Everything from small crochet accessries that you can incorporate into your own projects, to full crochet garments.


Our Mission

Provide, share, and support

We aim to provide a range high-quality handmade clothing, but not just that! We want to share our love of clothes-making and crafts. So, we intend to include patterns alongside most of our products so that you can make them yourself! Also, we will provide support through our forums, blog and social media, and so develop a community that can share experiences, ideas, and creativity.

Fair pay - production

Much of our work is currently made by Wayan & Komang, and that will continue, but in time we hope to sub-contract more of this production. We know many experienced seamstresses, crocheters, and textile makers in our native Bali. We trust their expertise and the quality of their work. We would like to harness that talent and bring it to you, the customer.

We make sure that payment for this work is fair and set by the makers themselves.

Learn and have fun!

We've been designing, sewing, crocheting and creating for years, but this venture is still new to us! We think that growing a business will be a learning process, and one we are looking forward to. We hope to grow and provide better and better products, and develop a strong, supportive community... and have fun doing it!

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you!

Komang & Wayan